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Connecting innovative and health enhancing products with America's busiest pharmacies

PharmaVision is the in-pharmacy television network that meets your customers at their point of purchase.


How it Works

Product Approval

  • If you have a health enhancing CPG product you would like to get into a new retailer, PharmaVision can help.

  • PharmaVision guides the review process, working with the retailer to get it approved.

Reviewing document
PharmaVision Unit Front

Showcase Your Product

  • 30-second commercial displayed above your product.

  • Your product receives premium placement in the pharmacy.

Sell More Product

  • Initial trial period to sell your product at the consumers point of purchase.

  • Grocer/Gas Stations sector saw a 3.7x increase in sales when digital screens were active.

  • Endcap displays generate 7x greater sales than traditional inline shelves.

Image by Kenny Eliason

Prime Shelf Space

Upward Curve

Generate Revenue

PharmaVision Interior of Pharmacy

Gain Distribution

  • After a successful trial, your product can be moved to the category shelves.


PharmaVision is the next evolution in retail!

Whether you're a brand or a retailer, PharmaVision can add millions to your bottomline.

Get started today!

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