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Mark Young


Dr. Mark Young is the co-founder and CEO PharmaVision. He is one of those rare individuals with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He studies trends in technology, human behavior, geopolitics, economics and future studies. His unusual style of processing information and problem solving was formed early on, based on his own combination of epistemology and multidisciplinary thinking.

When other kids looked up to superheroes or performers, Mark was studying everything he could about Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Blaise Pascal. Mark has lived by the words of these men, especially Pascal, who said, it is impossible to know everything about everything, so it is incumbent on us to know something about everything.

Mark is also the founder and CEO of Jekyll + Hyde Labs. He leveraged his passion for neuroscience, persuasion, and hypnosis to build Jekyll + Hyde Labs into one of the nation’s most successful advertising agencies for challenger and emerging brand consumer products.

Mark is a serial entrepreneur who co-hosts multiple podcasts and has interests in advertising, real estate, life extension, media and auto racing.


Mark Hyland



Mark Hyland is an entrepreneur, inventor and veteran of the consumer products goods (CPG) and retail marketplace.


Mark’s experience in leadership includes developing entrepreneurial opportunities at PharmaVision and The Brick Tattoo Co (Rx mobile platform). He was previously a VP of Customer Marketing for the Coca-Cola Company where he managed large customers such as Kroger and Wal-Mart. 


Hyland has four children and is a triathlete and enjoys travel. 


Al Remick

Executive Vice President

Alan Remick’s career spans over 35 years in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. His roles involved marketing, medical/surgical and sales training, plus being chosen for multiple product advisory boards.


Alan has won multiple awards and attended many leadership councils. He was designated as a circle of excellence advisor for clinical assays in his field. His development of a retention analysis program is still one of the three main pillars used to sell and market Botox®.

During his tenure, Alan worked for notables such as Schering-Plough, Abbott, and had spent the last 21 years as a Senior Business Development Manager for Allergan/Abbvie.

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